High School (Grades 9-12)

Bais Yaakov Eva Winer High School
6302 Smith Ave, Baltimore, MD 21209
(443) 548-7700 FAX (443) 548-6340

Welcome to the Bais Yaakov High School


Bais Yaakov High School is proud of the large number of students who have successfully completed our program over the years and gone on to make great contributions as wives, mothers, and leaders in the Jewish community. The goals of the high school may be summarized as below.

  • To effect personal growth by creating a warm, nurturing environment. Notwithstanding our large size, great efforts are expended to ensure that a warm, caring environment exists at school. This is brought about through a combination of exceptional teacher dedication, a large array of programs that give students many varied opportunities to shine, relatively small class sizes, and large numbers of personnel monitoring the growth of individual students. Students feel cared for and respected and have opportunities to develop their many talents and abilities.
  • To teach the importance not only of Torah, but also of proper living, as well as concern and respect for others. Our students are imbued with the overriding importance of sensitivity to proper conduct in all situations and to an awareness of the world and people around them. A very great degree of emphasis is placed on these values in school.
  • To provide a superior education in Torah studies, as well as an excellent General Studies experience. The high school continuously strives to upgrade the opportunities afforded the students in all learning areas. These are reflected in serious class work and testing, creative projects, a vast array of special programs and speakers, educational trips and outings, and ongoing contact with secondary and higher schools of learning, to ensure that we are up-to-date on developments in the educational field. Our students are highly sought after by schools of higher learning, and our graduates are consistently successful in their advanced educational endeavors.
  • Preparing students for their adult lives. The high school recognizes how it serves as the vital link that admits young adolescents and strives to shape them into mature, educated young adults who are intellectually, emotionally, and religiously ready for life after high school. More than 90% of our graduates go on to schools of higher learning, both in the realm of Jewish studies, and with regard to college and certificate programs

In order to facilitate this process, the high school offers varied and rich programming. In Hebrew Studies, accelerated classes, electives offerings, and the inclusion of prominent Rabbinical figures all combine to raise the bar of educational and intellectual achievement. In General Studies, AP courses, college courses provided by local colleges at our facility, as well as vast computer offerings, provide students with a significant head start for any field of higher learning they many enter. In addition, special programs and speakers expand the range of their experience and exposure and empower them to deal with future opportunities in a highly informed and mature manner.

Students also develop skills and habits relating to civic and communal life during their high school years. An extensive school sponsored Gmach/ Community Outreach program, combined with numerous extracurricular activities, hone their sensitivities in working with others and in the qualities of leadership. Indeed, many leading women in the Baltimore Jewish community and in other Jewish communities worldwide are alumnae of our school.

Facility and Personnel

The beautiful high school facility is a pivotal factor in creating the well rounded education our school offers. This includes a well stocked library with state-of-the-art computer and audio-visual equipment, two beautifully appointed science labs, five modern computer labs, a magnificent gym, and a beautiful learning center that services students with special needs. Smart boards and other forms of advanced technology are used throughout the school. The spacious and modern facility and campus enables us to enjoy other benefits: We sponsor our own basketball team, produce our own yearbook on site by the students, sponsor debating teams and art and music classes, and engage in numerous other educational activities and endeavors.

Aside from the regular teaching responsibilities, our staff fulfills a variety of roles that are crucial elements in the education of the whole person. The staff includes guidance counselors, higher education and scholarship counselors and much more. We are, thank G-d, blessed with a staff that is highly professional, well-trained, and extremely devoted to the welfare of the students as well as the overall excellence of the school.

High School Gmach Outreach Program

The High School Gmach- Outreach organization is among the most vibrant student groups at school. Through the Gmach, the community is provided with assistance and support across a wide range of need areas. Large numbers of students participate in Gmach programs, and the students thus cultivate the habit and pleasure associated with giving to others. The enthusiasm is contagious, and giving thus becomes identified with friendship and fun, as well.

Among the busiest Gmach committees are: Helping Mothers- students go directly from school to homes of families whose mothers are overwhelmed with responsibilities and need help with their children during the early evening hours; Special Needs Families- students provide assistance at the homes of families with special challenges, Visiting the Elderly- Shabbos and after school visitations and assistance to the elderly; Tutoring- of younger school children; Chai Lifeline- assistance to families where serious illness is present. There are numerous other active committees, such as Big Sisters, Adopt-a-bubby, Russian Sisters, and Gevuras Yardein.

Gmach also conducts special tzedakah (charity) campaigns, both on a daily and periodic basis, to benefit the poor here and in Eretz Yisroel.

The successes of the high school Gmach leads to closer connections between the school and community and serve to teach the students the importance of reaching out to the underprivileged and the needy. Bais Yaakov High School is proud of the quality of its Gmach program and both the community and the students are its beneficiaries.

Guidance and Counseling

To provide for the welfare and mental health of the students, the High School employs a professionally trained guidance counselor. Students are able to make appointments to meet with the counselor and gain advice, guidance and support. When indicated, the counselor will direct them to a professional mental health person outside of school for long term assistance. Students are guaranteed confidentiality in their discussions with the guidance counselor, except when concerns come to the fore regarding the safety of any student.

Aside from the professionally credentialed mental health person on staff, the school provides a tiered system that sees one mature staff member responsible for the general welfare of each grade (the grade counselor), and an individual teacher Mechaneches for each class. The grade counselor monitors the progress of the students of the grade and brings to the attention of the administration any concerns about the welfare or academic performance of any individual students. Staff meetings take place on a regular basis to review student rosters and share with the grade counselors important information about the academic and social performance- and general disposition- of the students in the grade.

The class Mechaneches serves as the home room teacher, ensuring that each student will experience one of her classes as her home base, from which her growth at Bais Yakov can develop and progress. The overlapping system, including school guidance counselor, grade counselors and class Mechanchos, assures that each student will have the attention needed to thrive in the high school.

Senior Year College Program

The high school strives to advance the students in the General Studies arena by offering college and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Arrangements are in place with both the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) and Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) to provide courses at Bais Yaakov- often with teachers of our own choosing. Students are able to earn up to eighteen college credits in their Senior year, aside from any additional credits earned through the school’s AP courses, such as U.S. History and Literature and Composition.

The college opportunity serves to jump-start student efforts to pursue higher learning opportunities and thus pursue career goals. Ambitious Bais Yaakov graduates have been able to complete college BA degrees within two years after their high school graduation! Another benefit for the students is that they are enabled to take courses in a Bais Yaakov environment that might otherwise compromise the standards and sensibilities cultivated over the course of their many years of a Bais Yaakov education. A sampling of college courses offered are: Math, Psychology, Human Growth and Development, Political Science, Speech, Biology, English 101, Early Childhood and Environmental Science.


Both locally and outside our city, graduates of Bais Yaakov High School are viewed as well rounded, well educated young women who are making a positive difference in their communities. Their success is the result of a school program that is as extensive as it is thorough, as we focus on teaching the whole person both the knowledge found in books, and the wisdom needed for healthy living. We thank G-d for our past success and look forward to a continued bright future.